Saturday, February 5, 2011


I'm going back to my roots...
California is where.
A trip to Pasadena, Old Town to be exact.

It is a quaint little suburb nestled in the foothills of Los Angeles.
For those of you who appreciate architectural detail and inner-city nostalgia like 
I do, this city doesn't disappoint.

This is a photo taken on Colorado and Fair Oaks in 1890

And this is now...
As you can see there are a few more cars (teehee!),
but some of the old buildings still remain.
I just love a city with history.

And I just adore time with my little family...

My precious wee-one  Danielle.
and here is one of my hubby, son, daughter, and mommy hurrying me along...haha!

We enjoyed our time, and it wasn't nearly enough time to take in all the sights.
We'll be back, and I'm sure it will be around the time of the Pasadena Flea Market.
Can you just imagine what kind of goodies I'd find?
I'm already daydreaming about it!
Thank you Pasadena!