Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The search is on for Grey

Ok so it's no surprise...Grey is a huge color right now.  Every where you turn there is grey something or other.  It's status on the hot trend list does not sway my ever loving mind about this misted color.  Nope...not...one...bit.  I've been a fan for a long time, and I will not budge.  If it's grey, chances are it's on my must have list.

Have you seen the new wallpapers they are coming out with?  They vary in pretty colors and patterns, but of course my eye drifts right to the greys.

I have decided to incorporate it into my home with a choice in paint color.  I'm going out on a limb, and painting my entire back family room/kitchen combo a light shade of grey.  Currently it is beige.  My whole house is painted...beige.

As a matter of fact, I'll go ahead and show you what my home looked like when we first purchased it.  The paint color is the same, but the decor has changed a bit.

Please don't judge.  I had the blinds closed (don't ask why), and I barely had any furniture.

um...yeah...I'd love to say that everything in this photo is different now.  That the cabinets are painted and we have new floors, but that is just not the case.  The only thing different is that we now have stainless steel appliances and I've added new accessories for over the cabinets and countertops.

The plan is to paint these cabinets white.  I will be adding stainless hardware.  Adding a subway tile backsplash, and changing out the floor to a warm wood color (preferably one with a driftwood or barnwood appearance).  The window coverings are on their way out.  

I figure that with that warm wood going on, that I would need to cool down the space with paint color. A light grey is just the thing to do it.

Just look at all the choices here.  I could literally go on for days.  Panic started to set in, when I realized that the color grey I was looking for would be hard to find.  I want to tone down the beige and have more of a true pale grey.  Then alas!  I found this...

Hallelujah!! (Did you hear the angels sing?)

I found this photo at the blog AM Dolce Vita.  She was also on the search for the perfect grey and found it!  It is Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter.   She even posted pics with the lights on and off.  It's funny, but on the Benjamin Moore site the color looks more beige than grey so I never would have picked it.  Oh how happy I am that I found her blog, for now the search is done for me.  If you look over her blog you may get lost for an hour or two, but I promise you won't want to miss it.  Her home is gorgeous! 

I also found this post by my dear friend Jami at Freckled Laundry.  It just so happens that she is the Queen of Grey, and has the color down to a science.  So for those of you still on the hunt for the perfect grey...I recommend stopping there too.

Thanks for stopping in and hope to see you again soon!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

traditional homes and a winner!

Happy Sunday Lovelies,

Do you ever take a drive to other neighborhoods to look at the different houses?  When you are on trips, do you find yourself taking the long route so you can explore ?  We do this pretty often and honestly, I love it.  One of my favorite pastimes is taking a peek at someone else's home.

Don't get me wrong, I am A-OK with my house and I'm very grateful for all that I have.  It's not that I want these homes for my own.  It's something quite different than that.

It's an appreciation for the way that homes are built.  The different styles, landscaping, and details added by the homeowners.  It's almost like going to an art gallery.  My eyes take in every small detail and it inspires me to be creative with my own home.  After all, I can create my own masterpiece.

Lately I have been fixated on the traditional style home...

I think that the paint choices, white moulding, pitched roofs, and porches are what get me.  Of course the impeccable landscaping does help. They are seriously beautiful places to live.

White Picket fences and flowers only add more charm *sigh*

Having one lakeside really couldn't hurt...

The traditional home doesn't even have to be on a grand scale to get me gawking...

Small, quaint cottages will do just fine.

And now without further ado...

The winner of my Pottery Barn $20 gift card giveaway is....

Aubrey Laine!
I will be contacting you via email so I can get that mailed out to you.

Thank you to everyone who participated in my very first giveaway.  I wish I could send everyone a card.  But don't worry, there will be more giveaways to come :-)

Have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

cozy kitten

Sometimes we don't have the words...

to express...

how much we adore...

kittens all bundled up...

in fuzzy white blankets <3

Have a pleasant day!
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All my love,

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 Ways To Beat The Blues...

Good morning everyone...

This morning I feel compelled to write this post.  I don't know why but this topic has been gnawing at me.  Today I was awakened by my husband telling me that his radiator on his truck cracked.  I'm sure it was due to the below freezing temperatures overnight.  So off I went to drive him to work.  It's still in the twenties right now and there isn't a cloud in the sky.  Then my downstairs heater decides on all days to go on the fritz (fantastic!).  I just love the days when it seems the world is crumbling down around you.  I stopped, gathered my thoughts, and told myself...it's not the end of the world.  As a matter of fact, it's part of life and we'll get through it.  We always do.

You might be wondering what the point of my telling you how my morning started is.  Well, my point is bad things happen to all of us.  That we all get the blues now and then.  That sometimes we can really feel like NOTHING is going our way and we'd like to run away.  I'm here to say DON'T FRET!  It will pass.  Here are 10 tips that I have come up with that help me escape from these feelings of nothingness.  I don't claim to be an expert on the topic.  I would just like to share the things that help me, and maybe they will be useful to you.  

1.  Prayer - Pray for help.  Pray that God gives you the strength and knowledge to get through your trial or feeling of emptiness.  Pray that He changes you or the situation you are in, and gives you the wisdom to make the right choices to get you out of your predicament.  If people are making you feel blue, pray for them too.  Prayer gives hope.

2.  Feel Pretty - Sometimes our worst demons come out to play when we are feeling less than perfect in the physical sense.  We can start to dwell on the smallest things that people don't even notice (or care about).  Take some extra time on what you wear that day.  If you don't normally wear make-up, put some on.  If you don't usually do your hair, put some curls in it or better yet...go and get it cut and styled.  Get your nails done or get that pedicure you've been dreaming about.  No better time than now, and I promise it will do something to your self-esteem.  You will have that little extra pep in your step.

3.  Exercise - Ever notice how right after you exercise you feel elated, your blood is pumping, and you feel accomplished?  Yeah sure, you might feel out of breath and sore, but isn't it worth it?  Exercise will lift you out of a funk.  So instead of lying down or sleeping on the sofa, jump on that treadmill or go for a walk and get some fresh air.

4.  Eat Healthy - Maybe you are depressed about your weight.  Believe me when I say that the worst thing you can do is stop in at the nearest fast-food restaurant because you are sad.  It will only make you feel worse.  Instead opt for healthy choices.  Don't jump into a fad diet.  Just watch how you eat for one day.  Make healthy choices instead of fatty ones.  Reach for a water instead of a soda.  Take a vitamin.  After one day, you'll feel good that you stuck with something.  Then try it tomorrow.  Small steps taken one day at a time.

5.  Check Something Off Your To-Do List - Maybe your to-do list is a million miles long and you feel overwhelmed.  Pick one thing and finish it.  If you feel like you can, do two.  You have just made yourself feel less bogged down, and taken care of something that needed to be done.  Who doesn't like checking things off their list?

6.  Clean or Organize a space in your home - Maybe housework seems endless.  Maybe you are looking at that stack of dishes and shouting in your head how unfair everything is, or maybe housework has nothing to do with your problems.  If you clean something that is usually overlooked (like baseboards, windows), or you organize an area that is forgotten about (pantry, closet) you'd be surprised at the sense of accomplishment it will bring.  It can also get your mind off of a looming problem for a little while.

7.  Call a Friend or Family Member - We all get busy and probably don't keep in touch with loved ones as much as we should.  Pick up your phone and call that family member you miss, A friend you haven't talked to in a while, or call a person you've been meaning to make amends with.  You will feel good that you've taken that extra step.  You never know, maybe they need to talk to someone as much as you do.

8.  Plan a Trip - Perhaps the simple day-to-day has you feeling blue.  A monotonous life can bring even the happiest person down.  Take a moment and plan a trip.  It can be big or small.  Pick a date and request the day off of work.  Make a reservation.  It will give you something to look forward to and something to work towards.  Are you feeling better yet?  I know upcoming trips always make me feel good.

9.  Buy YOURSELF Something - Sometimes we get so caught up in work and family that we forget that we need to be rewarded for our hard work.  Buy yourself that dress you've been eyeballing or those pair of boots you have saved in a cart.  Maybe there is a book you've been wanting to read, or a new color lipstick you want to try.  It's ok to do things for ourselves.  

10.  Donate time or money to a Good Cause - Perhaps you don't feel like you give back enough.  Maybe you feel selfish.  Try looking into a good cause to help out with.  Whether it be something at church, in the community, or at work, there is always help needed.  Perhaps there is a story in the media about something that is tugging at your heart.  Donate some money to the cause.  It's a way for you to help, and know that you are making a difference.

So there they are!
10 ways to beat the blues.  I'm not saying to do all of these in one day, nor am I saying that these will work on everyone.  I know that these help me when I'm in a funk and if this helps at least one person then I've done my job!

Monday, January 14, 2013

My DIY Pick of the Week - 1/14/13

Good morning Dolls!

This week's feature comes from a DIY Queen.  Her name is Karianne and her amazing blog is Thistlewood Farm.  Let's just say that I've been checking out her blog nearly every day and I'm still amazed by the new things I find,  oh and not to mention her great sense of humor.

So without any further ado...


Karianne's Pallet Top Desk

This beauty of a desk made out of pallet wood!  Oh swoon!

You can imagine my delight as I scrolled through Pinterest, found this, and was led back to one of my favorite blogs.  I mean seriously...what a brilliant idea!

Her little story behind it is funny as heck and will have you giggling for sure.  You can click here to see how this little work of art came about.

Thank you Karianne for inspiring me (yet again) and showing us how simple everyday objects can be turned into gorgeous furniture!

Don't forget to enter my Pottery Barn Giveaway.  You only have until Sat. Jan. 19th to enter.

Friday, January 11, 2013

200th Follower Giveaway - Pottery Barn

Hi there everybody!

Ooooh I'm so excited!  For two reasons really.  First is that I've hit 200 followers (yippee!).  Now I know that this may be small beans compared to some of you, but it has taken me a long time (really long) to hit that mark, and I am so happy to have each and every one of you.

As many of you know I took a year off from blogging and have only been back for about a month.  For that reason, I sat at 150 followers for...well...a year.  But that also means that I've known a lot of you for about 3 years now, and you've been faithful (even when I went MIA).  For that I am truly grateful.  Then there are those of you who I've just become acquainted with.  I'm over-the-top elated that you came along and decided to follow me too.

So that brings me to the second reason that I'm so excited...

I am hosting my very first giveaway!  Yup, that's right.
a $20 Pottery Barn Gift Card  

It's my little thank you to you for coming along for the ride.  Truly....THANK YOU!

When trying to decide what my first giveaway should be, I tossed and turned on it.  Then I thought, Pottery Barn is my original love.  It was the store that originally inspired my home decor.  So, there you have it.  Decision was made.  I figured that many of you probably have the same type of infatuation for Pottery Barn.

The Rules:

You have 4 chances to win.

1.  Comment on this post

2.  Follow me on Google Friend Connect (and comment on that)

3.  Post this giveaway in your sidebar (and comment on that)

4.  Follow me on Pinterest or Instagram (and comment on that)

So you can have up to 4 comments (which gives you 4 entries).

This giveaway will end Saturday January 19th at 11:59pm  PST.  That means I'm giving you more than a week to get your entries in and to help me spread the word :-)  My apologies but this giveaway is limited to those who live in the United States.  I can't wait to see who the lucky winner is...best of luck!  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Golden Room

Good Morning!

I have a question for you.  Do you remember when yellow gold was replaced with platinum and anything with a gold tone was frowned upon?  It wasn't that long ago...I'd say that trend started 15 years ago, it has lasted that long, and it still might be the case when it comes to wedding rings.  However, gold is making a HUGE comeback.

I see it everywhere!  Whether it's jewelry, make-up, nail polish, accessories, or home accessories it's coming back in a big way.  I have to say, I'm digging it!  So much so in fact, that I created a dining room design board laced with gold.

You can find these products here...

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9. 10.  11.  12.

If you click on each one of these links you can see these products in their grandeur.  The little snippets don't really do them justice.  Be warned though, It may have you contemplating a splurge on silverware or a new rug...just sayin.

While most of these items are way out of my budget, I do think it's nice to spoil yourself with one thing every now and then.  I hope you enjoyed.

Have a happy day everyone!

Monday, January 7, 2013

My DIY pick of the week - 1/7/13

Here we are!  It's that time again!

I skipped a couple of weeks due to the holidays, but now my DIY pick of the week (found via pinterest) is back in full swing.  Ta Da!

My feature this week is none other than the Ikea Hemnes dresser hack from the blog California Callahans.

Leah and Matt took an ordinary looking dresser, and turned it into a work of art.  I just love the added texture, knobs, and molding.

They took something that looked like this...

and turned into this!

Well done!  Bravo!  You can see how they transformed this dresser here.
Thank you Leah and Matt for showing us how you can turn ordinary into outstanding ;-)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Kind Of Style

Good Morning Dolls,

How are you this fine Sunday morning?  I'm doing pretty swell today and my mind is swirling with ambitious ideas for my home.  If someone was to ask me what my favorite decor style is, they'd probably receive a blank stare as my brain flipped through it's photo files as I tried to narrow it down to one. The truth is that I can't say that my home (or taste) reflects just one style. I'm a fan of many. Perhaps it's my indecisiveness or my lack of self control when I see anything pretty that contributes to my choices of an array of home decor.

 If I was to sum it up...I'd say my home is a mix of coastal, shabby, contemporary, and a little vintage thrown in. It's what works for me, and I'm kinda thrilled that I can include all four and still keep my home looking unified.

 Like so many of you, I get inspiration for my home all over blog land. There are so many ideas out there that you can hardly expect a girl like me to choose only one for her home. I've decided to share a few pics below to give you an idea of what my heart desires for my abode.

This home has a perfect combination of contemporary and shabby.  If you notice the vintage desk and slipcovered sofa are complimented by the blasts of green.  The woven rug and window treatments tone down the luxury and make the space livable.  The morrocan footstool in lime gives the room that touch of modern element that I crave.

The contemporary chandelier add more cheer to this room, and play with the blue and green accessories.  The wood floors and white linens and window make the room feel romantic and cozy.

This desk represents the shabby touch that I admire.  The painted furniture and an antique typewriter add character and influence.  The green bottles and old photos add nostalgia to an already perfect space.

This is (to me) is the ideal living space, and has every style consummated into a flawless masterpiece.  Contemporary colors and accessories, white cabinets (yay!), wood floors, the vintage sign, dining table chairs, and pendant lighting.  Last but not least is the painted farmhouse table.  It doesn't get much better than this.  They have this look down pat.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, at least as half as much as I do.  
Happy Sunday Gals!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Snow Kissed

Top of the morning to you and Happy New Year!

Gosh has it been a busy couple of weeks.  I have had family in and out of our home, we have all been sick (as I cough and sniffle), and we've been trying to squeeze every last ounce of fun out of these holidays.  

One of our fun little excursions was an attempt to visit the snow at a close by ski destination.  Our attempt failed due to weather conditions, but we still got to experience a little of the white fluff at a turn off about halfway there.  I even got to snap a few pics...

Pardon my chapped hand, but I forgot to bring lotion ;-)

Perhaps next time we will make it all the way to the top.  Have a lovely day Dolls.

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