Monday, January 7, 2013

My DIY pick of the week - 1/7/13

Here we are!  It's that time again!

I skipped a couple of weeks due to the holidays, but now my DIY pick of the week (found via pinterest) is back in full swing.  Ta Da!

My feature this week is none other than the Ikea Hemnes dresser hack from the blog California Callahans.

Leah and Matt took an ordinary looking dresser, and turned it into a work of art.  I just love the added texture, knobs, and molding.

They took something that looked like this...

and turned into this!

Well done!  Bravo!  You can see how they transformed this dresser here.
Thank you Leah and Matt for showing us how you can turn ordinary into outstanding ;-)


  1. Thanks so much for the feature Natalie!

  2. LOVE the Anaglypta wallpaper use - clever and beautiful...not just for walls, evidently! Happy Tuesday, Natalie - Happy New Year, also! Tanya

  3. Love that dresser, thanks for sharing this stunning transformation! Have a great weekend, Jen


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