Monday, January 14, 2013

My DIY Pick of the Week - 1/14/13

Good morning Dolls!

This week's feature comes from a DIY Queen.  Her name is Karianne and her amazing blog is Thistlewood Farm.  Let's just say that I've been checking out her blog nearly every day and I'm still amazed by the new things I find,  oh and not to mention her great sense of humor.

So without any further ado...


Karianne's Pallet Top Desk

This beauty of a desk made out of pallet wood!  Oh swoon!

You can imagine my delight as I scrolled through Pinterest, found this, and was led back to one of my favorite blogs.  I mean seriously...what a brilliant idea!

Her little story behind it is funny as heck and will have you giggling for sure.  You can click here to see how this little work of art came about.

Thank you Karianne for inspiring me (yet again) and showing us how simple everyday objects can be turned into gorgeous furniture!

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  1. I keep exiting through the back parking lot of our Costco, passing their HUGE stack of pallets, thinking what cool stuff could be made...and here it is! Happy Monday, Natalie - Tanya

  2. HA HA!! I have this pinned too!! I LOVE it!! :) Such a good pic!! I might do something similar but for a console table. ~Bre


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