Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crisp Autumn Days...

There is nothing like sitting on a porch with a fuzzy throw and a warm cup of coffee watching the leaves fall from the teas.  It's a taster's choice moment if you will.  This morning I woke up to a crispness in the air (and a wheezing in my lungs) that reminded me that Autumn is on my doorstep.  I think it's time to purchase a new coat and scarf : )
 Of course I have to include pictures of decor consisting of warm fall colors...
I'd love to sit there and snuggle up with a book!

I fell in love with these french doors in this deep green.  It's so charming.

Photos are courtesy of Country Living and Photobucket

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to cuddle up today.


  1. Hey Natalie,

    There really is something lovely about being able to snuggle up with a gorgeous blanket as the season changes to include a bit more of a chill in the air.

    In Australia we are actually experiencing the freshness of spring which is my favourite time of the year but I'm still enjoying snuggling up in my hammock reading a good book and a light blanket on weekend mornings.

    x Felicity

    PS I'm sure that you'd love the gift that I'm giving in my giveaway this week, pop over to for a look and leave a comment to be in the draw

  2. I usually always like Autumn for its soft night, beautiful colours and general calmness but this year I just can't take to it as it won't stop pouring with rain, the constant cold I have and the leaves haven't changed colour. I'm guessing winter is going to be much worse then last year but lets watch this space....

    I love the rooms you've choosen

  3. I agree looking at the leaves and dreaming..with a hot drink and snuggly throw or blanket.
    Your photos are beautiful...such colour!!
    Im crazy about french the spring we're putting some in our living room :)

    Always a pleasure stopping by here...and believe you me, I wont forget to cuddle :)

    Deborah xoxo

  4. Country Living just gets it these days...aren't they just fabulous! Since it's still hot here, I'm cuddling in shorts and flip flops :) XO, Kelly

  5. I love autumn leaves, running thru them with the kids is always great fun. We are experiencing the beauty of spring here in Aus!

  6. These pictures are great. I love fall. It's so cozy! I love fall fashion


  7. The changing leaves, a snuggly throw, and coffee (or hot apple cider) are indeed the best parts of Autumn. I need to get out tomorrow and snap some photos. Sadly, autumns in NY haven't been as colorful in about 3 years. Love your inspiration photos and "Ivy" below.

    Hope you're having a great weekend,


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