Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A chandelier

One of the first things that I'll have to do in my home
is change out my chandeliers.
They resemble something like this...


I know...
and it sits right over my formal dining room.  Ughh!
I also have something on a similar but smaller scale hanging over the entrance.
So starts the deliberation.
What kind do I get and what color do I go with?

The options are endless.
Now I have heard of picking one up on ebay, 
but Pottery Barn and Lamps Plus (Kathy Ireland Edition) seem to have nice choices.

For instance...
Do I go with pendant lights instead of a chandi?
I do know that a pendant will most definitely go over the entrance.

 I could go with the highly coveted version...
The finish will be something to decide on as well.
pewter?  Black metal?  Or white?

I like the idea of something different too.

Like this whimsy little piece.
It's growing on me.
What I do know is I'll be going with the light bulb version.
No candle lighting for this gal.


  1. Lovely photos Natalie!!
    I had the same chandelier as you in my first home many years ago! What was i thinking?!!
    I perfer bulbs to candles too...much safer!
    Pamela xo

  2. I love love love the last one!!! Xoxoxo

  3. LOVE the last one pictured!! ;) Cant wait to see what you get! Hugs,Rachel

  4. Decisions, Decisions! So many great options make a decision so hard to come by. Personally, I prefer the pendants. They seem a little less stuffy and much more practical - plus so much easier to keep clean!

  5. Natalie...I do love the traditional crystal... but I went with a bit of whimsey... I replaced an ugly glass flying saucer looking thing with a Pottery Barn piece that I loved and luckily found on clearance ...I blogged about it at Christmas and it's still my profile pic. I also like the chandies with the little shades that can be changed with the seasons...What ever you choose...keep us posted! You and yours have been in my thoughts and prayers...*Lynne*

  6. Man. Those are all GORGEOUS options. Choosing lighting is quite the undertaking. Took me a month of nightly searches to find our kitchen's the Pewter Pottery Barn 5 arm chandelier. Don't think they still sell it. Can't wait to see what you decide.


  7. Nice post...

    Chandeliers can make or break a room, right?

    The second image is just so lovely:)


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