Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Developing style...

I have been blogging for a little over 6 months and I
have been bombarded with inspiration from near and far.  I am one who sits back
and dreams of the decor I'd one day like to see my own home filled with.
My taste is one that collaborates looks from many different styles.

I can honestly say that my style has not changed much.
I have held true to what I have always loved.  It is now just a little more refined.

For instance...I originally envisioned a purely coastal look for my home.  The fact that I live in Las Vegas, NV makes this a little difficult to pull off.  The "shabby chic" style was a little too eclectic for me although I like the crisp whites and vintage crystal chandeliers.  The all french decor is a little too fancy, and the country look is a little too crafty.

What have I learned?

Mismatched furniture works.

Old and new can be combined.

Dark and silver accents work wonders in a house of white.

Vintage glass adds character and elegance without breaking the bank.

You CAN have a kid-friendly beautiful space.

The more light you let in...the better.

 You can pick a ton of stuff up on ebay, craigslist, and etsy.

The pictures don't HAVE to be of you, and they don't have to be new.

You can have everything you love in your home.
It's a combination of you, and there are no rules.
Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Ooh-la-la love all I see!!
    How delightful Natalie and that music!!!!
    Just beautiful...love that last bedroom..love it all!
    Isnt it wonderful when you can have the freedom to mix and match according to what you love!
    Go ahead... lets be free to express our own style..even if we combine a few of our favourite styles.

    Deborah xoxoxox

  2. Natalie, simply gorgeous images!!! My favourite is the bowed window with the glass top table, devine. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on decorating and images that inspire you. Tammy

  3. Everything you have written is SO true! When I look at images, I think of how there is such a juxtaposition of elements, textures...style. And I love that. Great post!


  4. Finding ones decorating style is a complicated process I've found. It seems I like a little of country, cottage, and farmhouse with a touch of traditional. Mixing style is something I'm slowly getting the hang of. One thing I know for sure about my style, I like light filled spaces, pale colors with touches of black and an uncluttered, organized feel. Now if only I could make it all work! LOL

    Love your inspiration photos. All the contrast between the white and dark surfaces is really pretty.

  5. I agree. That was probably the best issue of Country Living in a long time!!;) Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425


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