Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turkey, Tree, and Regis and Kelly???

As this Thanksgiving Holiday inches closer to us, we are making plans for the weekend.  We will be shopping till we drop, and visiting family with a turkey hangover if you will.  Many of us will be putting up the tree and Christmas decor.  How will you be trimming the tree this year?
I found plenty of ideas via Country Living...

I will be opting for the traditional look this year due to the fact that I collect ornaments over the years and they come in an array of colors : )
Perhaps I'll do my own little "purdy" tree in my bedroom...teehee!

As for my Thanksgiving plans...I will be cooking a casual dinner for me and my sis's family.  I will be shopping @ 4am at ONE store...can you guess which one...Target of course.  Then I will be off to California for two days to visit my Mama and Papa.  After I'm stuffed to my hearts content with hugs and food, I will be rushing my way back to the city of lights for my Sunday plans....hang on to your seats for this one...

I have tickets to Live with Regis and Kelly show in Las Vegas!!
I'm so excited for I have no idea who they will have as guests.
You can be sure that I'll be screaming my head off like a good little girl!
Until then I'll be a busy little bee working my hiney off..
Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  1. Hey Natalie,

    Those images are so lovely. I'm a pretty traditional Christmas girl too. I like the look of the sheeny-shiny trees but I love red and gold the best!!


  2. Oh, I like photos one and four. Our tree is mainly white feather birds and shells.

  3. ~~**~*Have a Happy Thanksgiving my dear Natalie!!! And have a blast shopping at my favorite store too!!!lol..And give me all the details about Regis and Kelley show too!!! HUGS, Rachel~~*~

  4. Hi Natalie! Thanks for joining my blog! :) I love all your inspiration pics- those are some of my all time favorites!! I hope you have a lovely holiday and have fun at the show! Take some fun pics!

  5. The images are beautiful and inspiring. I have a feather tree that I am decorating for the 1st time and I'm so excited...don't have a clue which way I'm going! lol!

    Have a wonderful holiday...sounds like it will be very busy!!


  6. I love Regis and Kelly! I've been watching Regis for years - since I was a young teen and Kathie Lee was on the show. Have lots of fun - I'll look for you in the audience! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I forgot to tell you all your trees are gorgeous! I would like to have an all white and silvery tree one day.

  8. I can't wait for Christmas!

    Ps. I gave you an award on my blog ♥

  9. I'll be one of those people getting up bright and early to dig out the christmas decorations. Can't wait.

    I still haven't figures out my theme this year. I'm all over the place - - might just have to use it all! LOL

  10. have a wonderful thanksgiving and target shopping spree and trip to cali! thanks for all the christmas tree inspiration. i can hardly wait to claim ours and get it decorated on sunday!! really overjoyed that the holidays are already upon us.

    jessica @ http://livingtheswelllife.blogspot.com

  11. What a pretty bunch of inspiration photos. I just put up my tree and it isn't looking quite to my liking just yet. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving and have fun at Regis and Kelly!

  12. Regis and kelly?!!! So dang jealous. I love her. Will be having a small Thanksgiving with my sis's family, too. Safe travels, Natalie!


  13. Sounds like such a fun time!!
    Enjoy sweet girl!
    Love your phpotos..isnt Country Living the best?!
    I love your snowy house photo too!

    Deborah xoxo

  14. OMG!!!!
    I LOVE your blog. This music right now! I needed it. I could cry.

    so magical thank you so very much!
    hahahah My daughter just walked in & said why are you crying! omg lol

    Some things just touch you. WOW.
    Your such a lovely surprise.
    Thank you very much.

    We need good balance in our lives.
    No two blog should be alike.
    It would get old.
    So hop on over to mine for a TWIST! ; ) from this lovely music to mine. oh my. ; )

    Thank YOU again. I really needed Your blog right now.
    Big ((((HUGS))))
    Joelle xoxoxo

  15. Hi Natalie,
    I love all of these photos!!
    I can't believe you got tickets to Regis and Kelly, I hope you have a blast!!
    Have a fabulous time.

  16. Natalie dearest, what a lovely, lovely blog you have! THis is so wonderful that we can all find each other through this medium...something impossible to do years ago. Your music is enchanting, moving and so emotional. YOU LOVE TURQUOISE TOO! You should see my little white Christmas tree embellished with vintage tags in silver glitter and touches of turquoise!

    Many thanks for your visit and leaving me a comment; we all like to know if someone came by and what they think. I love your blog!

    Enjoy the warmth of your state; we are freezing here but that is what Minnesota is all about! ENJOY! Anita

  17. Have fun shopping this weekend!! I hope you find many great deals :)

    How exciting about Regis and Kelly!! When do you get to go?

    Luvs the simple Christmas tree with the paper birds in the window, so beautiful!!

  18. I needed some Christmas decorating inspiration...thanks so much for helping ;o)


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