Thursday, December 2, 2010

All that glitters isn't gold...

Or is it? I am one who is partial to silver and yet gold is catching my eye more and more these days. I'm noticing more gold jewelry being made, gold clothing and accessories, and gold Christmas decor is abundant this year. I love the glittery glass ambiance and I can't wait till the day when my kids (and nieces) are a little bit older and I can do the fancy decor. For now I have to stick with ornaments that are finger friendly and don't shatter when they hit the floor.

That is why I love blogging. I can share my dreams with you friendly folks and browse your lovely homes for the fix I so desperately long for. So I leave you with these images of dazzling decor that are just a few years away for me.


  1. I know how you feel. This is first year I'm attempting to inch toward a few more delicate items. Mostly, everthing breakable is still placed way up high but it is delightful to place a few items in a more normal spot.

    All the pictures you've picked out for your "fix" are beautiful! The first photo takes my breath away. the tree is so pretty, the chair so sweetly surrounded and the garland! Oh My, breathtaking.

  2. I love gold a lot! I have even wrapped some gifts in gold paper! A nice break from all the silver.


  3. I'm just warming up to the gold trend myself. I embraced it in our kitchen when I put up gold-coloured handles on the cupboards and a few decorative pieces around. I'm much more of a silver than a gold person. Your days of being able to decorate with breakables will come soon enough.

  4. Thanks for sharing those lovely images...

    I love gold and glitter for the holidays:)Makes me feel happy and rich when I'm surrounded with gold glittery objects.

  5. Oooooh so lovely...what a pretty post, in fact your whole blog
    is filled with beauty.
    Love viaiting you!

    Have a happy weekend dear..

    Deborah xoxo


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