Monday, December 6, 2010

Pink Christmas...

I've never been daring enough to try something completely out of the ordinary as far as decorating goes.  It doesn't mean I don't enjoy looking at it.  
A pink Christmas is not only whimsy but romantic...
It doesn't have to be overwhelming..
Just hints of it here and there...
You can even add a touch to the bedroom...

What better way to tie in all that silver glitter and shabby white patina...PINK!
Spoken like a true girly girl.


  1. Very feminine Christmas decor! Not sure what my husband would say if I tried this...but I am sure I can sneak a bit of pink in there somewhere. Thanks for gorgeous images, I esp love the tree!

  2. You're right pink does look very romantic. I'd like to think my house of males would humour me if I decided to have pink decorations on our tree. Maybe I could start on the small tree this year and expand it to our bigger tree next year. Thanks for posting such lovely pictures.

  3. such gorgeous imagery! I love all these colors and especially that tree and those mirror ornaments :) great post!

    - the runaway

  4. I love all of this Natalie!!!
    Oh so gorgeous and yes I am a girlie girl too!!!

  5. Love this post.... so beautiful from one girly girl to another. xo

  6. I just love the pictures in this post. My favorite is the dinning room. I am working on mine right now and I came hoping for inspiration.

  7. WOW. Natalie dearest, your dreams and choice of photos are just breathtaking and I am so overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of all of our visions. Blogland has become such an escape, or rather a gateway to creativity and friendship. THANK YOU SWEET LADY for coming to visit with me and leaving a comment. It is so nice to know that we can leave a bit of joy in someone's passing by....enjoy your evening, Anita

  8. I like the pink here and there at Christmas, especially if it's sparkly! ;-D


  9. Very pretty! I have some beautiful light pink poinsettias that would look nice with all of these :)

  10. Lovely selection of pinky Christmas pics, Natalie! Drooling over the Gustavian dining chairs and furniture and the soft feminine toile in the last pic.

  11. I agree with you - it doesn't have to be over the top, but you can totally incorporate hints of the glitz. The pink reindeer is so pretty!



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