Monday, December 17, 2012

An American Tragedy...

Normally I would be posting my DIY pick of the week.  I can't bring myself to post about something that we could make with our hands, when our hearts are aching for the families of the lost children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Instead what I will post is in tribute to the little Angels and brave souls.  This incident is one of the worst things I can remember.  I can't imagine being a parent to one of the little kids who lost their lives that day.  The thought keeps running through my mind, "What would I have done if that was me?"

All I can do, is let it be a learning lesson for me.  It should be a learning lesson for all of us.  Life is short and our time on Earth is limited.  I hug my kids tighter and tell them I love them over and over since the tragic day.  This incident has had such an impact on not only myself, but countless individuals around the U.S.  While shopping and working, I no longer look at small children as just cute little people, they now look like precious, fragile, little angels.  Their parents are being kinder and more patient with them.  They are holding their little ones' hands or cuddling them in their arms, as opposed to plopping them in the carts and giving them iPads to play with.  I see a shift in parents' affection towards their small ones, and it's sad that it took something so inhumane to open our eyes.  I can see God working through it, and changing hearts.  He is always close to us, and constantly reminds us of His love.

God took his little ones home instantly.  It brings comfort to me knowing that they are with our Father.  They are safe now.  What hurts my heart is the loss that their families must feel.  My daily prayer is that God pours his love and protection on all of the families involved for the rest of their lives.  That He shows them that His plan (although we don't understand it) is perfect for each one of us, and that when we get to Heaven it will all make sense.  I can't wait for the day when evil is defeated and banished from our presence forever.  God is Good and Forever shall He Reign.

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