Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dressing up for the Holidays

So it is no surprise that blog land is filled to the brim with homes that are decked out for Christmas.  It is my favorite time of year to blog surf for that very reason.  However, as we deck the halls and trim the tree, I can't help but wonder if I'm the only one thinking about what I'll be wearing this Christmas and New Year's Eve.

I've been doing most of my shopping online this year, and I've been app browsing as well.  Shop Style is one of my favorite apps to browse.  Not only do they have apparel and accessories from nearly every store and designer, but they also have items for your home (hot dog)!

I'm tossing around ideas for my look this Holiday season, some of which include...

Have I mentioned that I have a "thing" for pencil skirts?  

These tulle skirts are just screaming at me "Buy me, buy me"

Of course I could always play it down a little and opt for a pretty sweater...
(Oh and just so you know ladies, I've seen this beauty for sale at Costco for $24.99.)

I could even combine a sweater and a skirt.
The options are endless!

Whatever the choice ends up being I know it will be classic.  Happy Shopping Ladies!


  1. ah! I am so happy someone else has an obsession with tulle skirts. I've already written a note to santa begging for one! xo

  2. Oh I love those tulle skirts too! I hear they are actually pretty easy to make. Though I'm not at all crafty so I would never attempt that. Haha.


  3. wow you have amazing taste! loving all of those..and your blog! i am your new follower! also, come enter my great giveaway today! xo chaseandem.blogspot.com

  4. They are all so pretty, I would wear any of them :) Thanks for your sweet comment on the house tour.

  5. I love everything you have picked out...


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