Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lanterns light up my life...

As I sift through buried treasure at my local thrift shops, I've come across lanterns of different shapes and sizes.  Those are the moments I skip for joy cause a penny saved is a penny earned.  I see so many of them in the upscale stores nowadays and no matter where it is that I see heart swoons. 

It's difficult to say no to one when I see one...

They can be little glass jars.

 They can be old

Or they can be new.

They can hang on trees,

Or be part of a centerpiece.

They are colorful,

And they are in bags.

Teeny tiny lights,

and even zinc with engravings.

They all have the capability of creating the perfect atmosphere.

I say the more lanterns the merrier!

Photos are courtesy of yahoo image search and decor pad.


  1. The ones made from old glass canning jars are neat. We have a few old ones we like to put outside in the evening but it's not as grand as the outdoor table photo.

  2. Natalie, I love to put lanterns with lighted candles out on the walk and front steps to welcome company ~ I think it sets the tone! xo

  3. You just reminded me that I have (somewhere) 2 black lanterns that were my grandmothers... off to search!

  4. I totally agree...The more the merrier :)
    I love lanterns!

  5. I love lanterns- I've been trying to find a way to hang them in my garden but I may have to save this project for next summer!

  6. Bit of a fan too of lanterns....

  7. Wow, georgeus inspiration...Lanternas are so beautiful and makes the perfect decor for a cosy night :-)

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures :-)

  8. I love the bags :) So simple and it's always an ooh-ahh for the kiddie crowd! Thanks for enlightening us!!

  9. I love lanterns too, I have a lot of them, cosy !
    Nice week,

  10. I love lanterns too! Great photos. I am your newest follower.
    Bonnie :)

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  12. The picture of the table under the tree with all the little lites is AWESOME!!!
    I love lanterns too.

  13. I'm a lantern girl and often I have to stop myself from buying more!I love your blog banner saying of looking for elegance in life.That really sums it up for me too!Fiona


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