Monday, September 6, 2010

Bring Autumn back with some branches!

I wish I could pull up my diy bootstraps and get painting but it looks like the funds will be eluding me for the next several months, especially since the holidays are rolling around the corner here.  I am not saying there won't be one furniture redo here and there, but the cabinets will have to wait. 

So ladies it's looking as if my blog will be one for inspiration for now.  It will be one that journals photos that I like, and ideas that I crave.  Bear with me, for this road will be a long one.  Well what the heck, it will keep you in suspense right?  lol!  I'm sure plenty of you can relate.

As we roll into this crispy season, what better way to start the autumn decorating than with branches.  This look just does it for me every time and in my opinion it can easily flow into different seasons.  This look I could probably emulate pretty easily because I have a tree in my front yard that needs trimming....I better get clipping.  I need something for over my bed.

Photos are courtesy of remodelista and elle decor

It's always a pleasure!


  1. So cool and creative. I love taking nature indoors. I have a friend who made words out of twigs for her wall. I'm working on that. Thanks for sharing! ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  2. I love that 1st bedroom picture! I love this look but always think I won't do it right. Maybe I will send Tim out to find branches ~ ha! He likes getting involved in projects. :)

  3. Good morning Natalie~~I've been away for a few days, so I had to pop over and catch up on your posts. The branch post is so unique. I love the one over the table. Those inspirational photos made me swoon...That room with the net over the chair is how I would love for my living room to look!
    You have such a pleasant way of writing..makes me feel grateful, and also relaxed while I'm here.
    Have a wonderful Labor Day toots.

  4. Hi Natalie, I just love all of these gorgeous pics, so natural and light! Makes me want to run out and get some branches to bring inside!!!
    Hope you are having a great day hun and that your slump is all done..
    hugs from Laura xxx

  5. That is an impressive way to use a tree and its true you can adapt it to match the seasons as for Christmas it can have baubles, valentines days hearts etc...

  6. Hi Natalie~ I LOVE the pics..makes me want to go outside and start gathering sticks and natural stuff!;) Rachel

  7. Well, a little indoor nature is a good thing.

  8. Thanks for the comments ladies. You ladies are so sweet! I wanted to add that I was in Pottery Barn the other day and came across one of the most unique "homemade chandeliers" I've ever seen. I took a picture and really should post it soon. It was an old wooden ladder cut in half and hung from the ceiling with old rope. Dried out branches with leaves were layed out across the top and lanterns of all shapes and sizes were tied up underneath with more rope so that they dangled. It was displayed over a long dining room table so it made for a visually stunning set up. I think branches might be the "thing" of the season.

  9. Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is fab too! I'll check out This Free Bird now!


    P.S.~ LOVE the music on your site as well!

  10. I LOVE branches! Just bought some salt cedar branches the other day, going to put them in fuschia vases, ooh la la!

  11. Hi there! Great post and good timing :) My husband just pruned and I have many ideas now for the excess! I might dry them out and spray paint white. Have a lovely day XO, Kelly

  12. Hi Natalie~

    These are such beautiful pictures! I love all the creative ideas for using branches I see out there! I sprayed some white a couple of winter's ago, and that was fun! I will have to keep this blog post of yours in mind this autumn season! The possibilities are endless! :)

    Thanks for sharing this!



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