Monday, September 13, 2010

A message in the bottles...

What's not to love?

The light dances off of them in magical ways.

They are the perfect centerpiece...

Some are intricate...

Others resemble jugs...

There are bottles that add a little umph to your toiletries...

And there are those that just look cute on a night stand..

No need to wipe the vintage off, fill them with flowers and call it a day..

Or just fill them with your favorite beverage (like sweet tea) to add a little pizazz to your party!

There is no wrong way to use a glass bottle,
Add a message and toss it into the sea...

While on my thrift shopping sprees I came across these glass dreams...

I think they set me back a whole $3.
Some more that I found, with the added bonus of a vintage flour sifter.

You may be wondering what the Lewis and Clark box is underneath...It's full of Cast Iron Skillets.  I can't wait to put them babies to use.
Thanks for reading my ode to bottles and jars!
Until next time...

Happy Monday to you all!

Photos are courtesy of Graham and Green, Summers at the Cottage, remodelista, Canadian House and Home, and Country Living.


  1. ~*~*I love old bottles and jars too! so simple yet so beautiful~*~* :)Rachel

  2. This post was for me too as I love bottles in all the different shapes, sizes, colours and uses. I always imagine them on a window ledge

  3. These bottles are so delicate (especially the blue ones).
    They can add such a softness to a room...I love them..and your photos are gorgeous Natalie :)

    Deborah :)

  4. Happy Monday, my dear!!

    These bottles are so so lovely. Especially the blue ones, absolutely perfect for little arrangements to put around your house!


  5. You are a big spender ;)
    I love bottles and vases and pitchers--I think I have an addiction-yikes! It's bad!
    I love how versatile they are, and I love yours!
    Thank you for coming by my home--and I am glad you are my new friend!
    Blessings to you as you make your home!!

  6. Glassy can be classy! Darling and the message is crystal clear :) xx, Kelly

  7. Your finds are lovely, I'll have to start looking out for old bottles like these!
    Love the blue old looking ones :)

  8. Oh My Goodness!

    Natalie, I can't believe the treasures that the blogging world can unearth and you are definitely one of them!

    Thank you for stopping by and becoming a friend of my blog because it means that I in turn could discover you.

    We share such a similar aesthetic it's uncanny and I look forward to learning more about what makes your world special.

    Felicity x

    PS You will have to manually come and check my blog for a while as my RSS feeds are wonky and I won't appear in your blogroll or Reader.

  9. I just love all of those bottles and you got a great deal too!

  10. Beautiful, of course. Thank you for more inspiration! Are your perfect finds green glass or is it the reflection of the grass? Pretty!


  11. Hi Natalie, Thank you for following my blog and leading me to your beautiful and inspiring blog. Love your pics of bottles, too many to choose a favourite! I wish you a lovely week! Tammy

  12. Hi Natalie, lovin' your blog. The glass bottles are so cool! Not long ago I purchased a cast iron dutch oven, brand new at a discount shop, for less than $14.00 pre seasoned, I love it. Your skillets are perfect for Fall Cookin' ;) I'm your newest follower, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog as well. tami from the high street cottage


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