Thursday, September 9, 2010

Natural in Neutrals...

I don't know about you but I'm drawn to these colors.  Muted palettes with splashes of color here and there always send me into a daze.  As we tip-toe into the fall, I try to stay open-minded to different shades but my tendency is to lean toward those warm browns and sandy beiges.

Yah wouldn't that be nice?  You'd have to pry me from those chairs.

Checkered floors in tan and cream....Sunflowers to boot!

The nooks and crannys in this room look cozy and that fireplace is the perfect touch!

I like the idea of the rocks in front of the fireplace and that old beaten board mirror is fantastique!

Lace, quilts, and cream create the perfect slumber.

The headboard?  A masterpiece perhaps.

I know we are all a fan of chippy paint, chandeliers, and beige pillows.
This room just incorporates it all.

A kitchen at it's best.

I like the simplicity of this room and how the focus is the view.

 Photos are courtesy of Coastal Living Magazine

The vintage tile stood out in this one and I like the whimsy wallpaper.
What do you think, too much beige?  Or just enough?  I say I'd love to own any one of these rooms.
Thanks for paying me a visit!


  1. I'm glad there's two of those chairs otherwise I'd be sitting on your knee and that might be, um, awkward?

    ps-love that 4th pic. dream living space.


  2. ~*~*LOVE all the images..just dream!~*~* Have a wonderful friday!!~**~

  3. I totally agree, love these colors! And that kitchen is like my dream kitchen - I am a sucker for shabby chic!

    Have a nice weekend :)

  4. Youre so right, chippy paint & chandeliers, whats not to love. The ultimate girlie bedroom!!!

  5. I'm a color gir, but that kitchen is awesome. And I find myself wanting to paint our wood floor white. I'm all over the map and truly enjoy what others see and love as well. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love that lake/marina view. I'd be sitting right next to you, gripping my chair for dear life, too. The roof looking headboard is lovely.

    Not too much beige with the right splash of white.


  7. My husband would love this. He is a neutral man ALL. The. Way (when it comes to home furnishing.) ;)

  8. I love the kitchen with that shabby table. Why does a chipped old table look so welcoming to me?! I guess it makes me think it wouldn't matter if I spilt my cup of tea while we were having a good old natter. ;-)

    I'm really loving your blog. What a lovely way you have of writing. It's a pleasure to read.... whatever you write about! I'm going to be your new follower.

  9. The room with the brick ceilings and great view would be just lovely.

  10. Oh my gosh!!! I love them all! Such beautiful and inspiring images you've shared. sigh....


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