Friday, September 3, 2010

A Friday filled with elegance...

Happy Friday everyone!  I am in a chipper mood today.  I've been in a slump lately but I am slowly pulling myself out. 

Today I'm filled with inspiration.  Elegance is the key word today.  May your day be filled with joy...

Photos courtesy of Romantic Homes,, ideal home, and country living.

 and may your weekend be blessed!


  1. I'm glad you're feeling so much better as these types of moods leave you feeling lethagic too.

    The images you have choosen are beautiful. I can never imagine having a white room for anything... but of course I'd love to

  2. I love your choice of images! Beautiful!I shall have to investigate more of your blog now that you have tempted me.Fiona

  3. Elegance indeed. LOVE those photos! And seriously, I think you should burn a CD of these amazing songs, offer it as a giveaway, and only let people with the name freckled laundry enter. ;) I leave your blog running the background for my morning tunes while I drink my coffee & blog.


    P.S. I created a new blog roll and put you in it, of course!

  4. I get those moods too..... they can suck the happiness right out of you!

    I will say that, your inspiration is exactly my inspiration too! That is so my taste!

    You have lovely blog. Really creatively put together!

    I am your newest follower


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