Sunday, September 12, 2010

Home sick for Santa Barbara...

This morning I woke up to a complete feeling of being homesick.  I started browsing real estate on my phone wondering what it would be like to move back.  I miss the ocean.  I miss the flowers.  I miss the lush green landscaping.

As I continued this search through online mags I found the epitome of Santa Barbara living.  Even though I'm exaggerating a bit you'll see what I mean.  I found this treasure at House Beautiful.

This home tour and interview was done by Mimi Read.  She toured the stylish and beautiful home of Penelope Bianchi.

That garden and table remind me of the tea party scene from Alice and Wonderland.  It's simply gorgeous.

Then she was asked this question:

What do you love best about your home?
"The landscaping. Every single thing we planted to attract wildlife. We have all kinds of animals coming around — raccoons, bobcats, coyotes, rabbits. And boy, do we have birds. When the woman who wrote The Birds of Santa Barbara was here for a nature benefit, she counted 78 species in two hours. I've counted 130 species by their sounds. I got this new iPhone app about bird-watching, and an oriole landed on my hat as I was playing its song."

Imagine?  I can.  I remember feeding raccoons who used to come to the sprinklers on my front porch.

Then while on my search on I came across this little 4 bedroom 3 1/2 bath gem located in the splendidly named "Riviera" of Santa Barbara.  This treasure trove can belong to you for the bargain price of 3.5 Million dollars.  Not bad eh?  haha.  It's just a little out of my price range.

  Photos are courtesy of House Beautiful and

So much for reminiscing...Now off to clean my house and car.  Enjoy your Sunday my oh so lovely bloggers.


  1. My husband absolutely LOVES Santa Barbara! He tries to convince me weekly that we should relocate there from San fact, we are heading down this weekend for a visit.

  2. Oh my goodness it's so terrible to be home sick like that. Trust me we were and we had to move right back home.

    It's funny when you mention Santa Barbara, the city. My mind automatically goes to the Soap Opera in the eighties "Santa Barbara." I would imagine you were probably a big fan of-HA! Just thought I'd share that tidbit.

    Hoping your homesickness gets better:)

  3. Either one would work for me. I should try playing the lottery more.

  4. ~*~*I LOVE the copper bathtub!!!!~*~* :) Thanks for sharing...

  5. I know that feeling of homesickness! It is SO hard to be away from "home". I hope you feel better about things!

    The houses are beautiful by the way! I especially liked the second one. :)

  6. The first house is amazing, would not mind living there :)


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