Thursday, September 2, 2010

On a serious note..

Is it what we own that is important?

Perhaps it's the car we drive?

Is it how we look?

Maybe what we wear defines us..

Or where we live..

Weren't we taught to chase the american dream?

Didn't we all want to be a fairytale princess at one time or another?

The American dream is a facade and a roadway to credit card debt and loans we can't afford. 
I stop today and try to remember what is truly important.

The Lord



Fond memories

We need to go back to our roots and remember the simpler times.  We need to instill that in our children.  Peel them away from video games.  Go for family outings.  Travel more and buy less luxuries.
Remember the time of...

Playing in the sprinklers

Walking in the park

Home Cooked Meals

Reading books
Photos are courtesy of Photobucket
They were the simpler times.

I remember them.  I yearn for them.
Blogging for me is a way to get that back because so many of us have true family values.
We share recipes, our homes, our families, and our travels.

Here is to the good life!


  1. What wonderful,true thoughts...thanks for the reminder of what is important!


  2. I thought it was just me that felt like that, in the last 15 years life seems to have become one big gadget factory...phones, computers, cars, tv, etc....

    home cooked meals should accompy getting your children involved.

  3. Beautiful post! We were just talking to the kids about this exact subject last night :)

  4. ~*~Seriously of my favorite posts ever!!! We all need to remember what truly is important..thanks so much for sharing~*~*Blessings,Rachel

  5. How thought provoking and true! I loved the visual reminders. How nice to meet a fellow blogger that follows Jesus!

  6. Thanks ladies...Sometimes we need a little reminder that our families are the priority and it is imperative that we instill values into our children. We all tend to get down on ourselves, and we should really appreciate the fact that we have air in our lungs and roofs over our heads. Especially in these trying times.

  7. Beautiful post, Natalie. Couldn't agree more...I've been doing a lot of this kind of thinking lately (which is why I've been blogging a bit less.)


  8. Well said dear Natalie..and soooooo true..
    Love this thoughtful
    and your pictures are gorgeous...
    Have a lovely weekend friend..

    Deborah :)


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