Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Are you a jewelry junkie???

Because I am!!  Bargains are the best way to go for me.  I will proudly sport my little treasures, and when asked where I got them, I won't hesitate  to tell them the price or what bin I pulled it out of : )

So while browsing blogland I came across a little treasure chest...ModCloth!!  It is grand!  The costume jewelry is to die for.  Now I hear a lot about etsy, and I haven't fancied down that path yet.  I'm a little frightened that I might buy everything in sight.  Nevertheless, I'd still like some input as to who has the cutest little trinkets.

Speaking of which, here are a few from ModCloth...

Most of these items run around $15-$25.  That sounds good to me!
There goes my paycheck...lol


  1. I love the first necklace and the rings!

  2. Modcloth is fantastic, and I really like the pieces you have selected.

  3. SOOOOO nice to discover your blog ... and we have the same background... one difference ... your header is wonderful! Sincerely, @nne

  4. I LOVE the last necklace!! So many sweet pieces.
    Your header is very pretty...just wanted to tell you that.
    Thank you for sharing today.

  5. I just purchased a red rose plastic ring and LOVE it!

  6. You simply have to check Etsy out! if it's the last thing you do! i would be lost without it :)


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