Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

On this 4th of July holiday I am reminded of the beautiful place that I used to live.  Santa Barbara, CA.  I miss it there so much.  Don't get me wrong...I like Las Vegas.  It's fun here, there is always something to do at any given hour, and it has it's beautiful sunsets and desert red rock, and not to mention the affordability.

Santa Barbara will always remain the place that "we" started out.  It is our true home, and if I could live there again, I would.  The people are wonderful, and the beach always kept me in a good mood.

The 4th of July was the best because they used to (and probably still do) pop fireworks off on the beach.  They had music, food, art, and the perfect weather to go with it all.  Aaaaaah...memories.  I'll just stick to my grill and blazing sun out here in Las Vegas for now.


  1. am loving the song you play on your home page...who is that and where do I get it? I too am a big fan of SB, spent more time in the mall there than I care to admit. As an American again after 11 years away, I am enjoying my first 4th back home in Arizona. Lovely to meet you, thanks for joining the blog community. Coryanne

  2. My best friend went to UCSB and I can tell you: 4th of July was crazy! That was many moons ago and this year I'll be attending a wedding on the 4th at a private hope in Venice, CA. As you know, the beaches get crowded on this all-American holiday so while there will be dancing and fireworks, I'm glad the bride and groom have also planned ahead for off-site parking and a shuttle service. Have a happy one!


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