Thursday, July 22, 2010

Floor choices..

So as I gather my thoughts and think of themes that I'd like to have in each one of the rooms in my home, I become perplexed when it comes to choosing flooring.  For now I know that I'd like to change out the bathrooms and the kitchen.  Right now they have an ugly linoleum tile-like cover that looks like this...

I'm happy to report that most of my house has carpeting in a cream color that is easy on the eye.  I am including pictures that I have found of kitchens (mostly) with floors that are an option.  I'd like to know what you think.  My kitchen and bathroom cabinets are a cheap looking maple color right now but I'll be painting them all white really soon and adding hardware.

There is this option:  A medium toned wood or laminate.  I get scared of wood because of the whole water stain thing.  That is something I might have to overcome though...

I added this picture even though it's hard to see the floor.  It's a black wood floor.  I chose this because of the white cabinets, stainless appliances, and black hardware.  This is what I'm leaning towards...

Black/grey tile

Then there is this deeper wood.

A whimsy tile-like vinyl.  This is cute.

A pale wood laminate.

Tile in terra cotta

This is actually ugly tile that was painted black with porch paint.  This needed an honorable mention.

So while I lean towards the black stained wood, family members say it's a bad idea because of the whole stain thing.  Does anyone have these floors and have some advice?  It's much appreciated : )


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comments. I am a new follower on your blog!

    As for flooring, when we redid our kitchen, we put in 18" porcelain tiles. Love them! They are darker and hide a lot of the dirt. They are also full bodied, so the color goes all the way through - helpful if you ever get a chip, which we haven't. They mimic the look of stone, without the upkeep! I just use a Shark Steam mop to clean them, and it is soo easy.
    The only downfall to having the porcelain tiles is that many glasses and dishes have met their end when they have hit the floor.

  2. Gorgeous options, love all the pics! The only advice I have is if your a clean freak go with dark if your not I would go with a lighter color. Our wood floors are really dark and it shows everything!! Exp the white dogs hair. I finally broke down and bought the rooomba to help me out.
    Thanks for your visit, lovely blog :)

  3. I'm leaning toward the black stained wood as well! For kitchens when we redid our flooring, we put in these wide porcelain tiles. The rest of the house has bamboo flooring. It's a light color, though. It looks pretty nice and gives a lot of space, however it already has some dents.

  4. @ Jeralee: Porcelain and travertine have crossed my mind as well. They are always a smart choice when it comes to durability.

    @ Kristin: Thanks for the tip! I have a cat, so the thought of seeing fur everywhere just might sway me.

    @ Lovedfts: The black stained is ideal, but I may be kidding myself. I have two kids and a pet. I don't want to be constantly chasing them with a mop. Bamboo is beautiful, but I'm glad you told me it dents.

    I have plenty of time to decide and it's not like there is a lack of choices out there. Thanks ladies ; )

  5. The pictures are beautiful.I have darker slate flooring.It looks natural and is very durable,but is very unforgiving..If you drop a plate or a glass it ain't ever bouncing back.The dark timber in the pics does look nice though..

  6. So many lovely pictures! I've always loved wood floors, and tend to be scared of white flooring for the same stainy reasons. But of these photos I'm partial to the pale wood laminate and the whimsy checkered tile. The two-light color tile is so pretty... Happy to have found you and to follow along your beautiful homemaking adventures!

  7. Hey there, I love all of your inspiration pics, we have very similiar tastes. I am a serial house mover & have experienced many different floor styles, so heres what I have learn't so far... I had jarrah timber flooring that looked absolutely gorgeous but showed every speck of dust in town & also marked very easy,Ive had white ceramic tiles, showed spills but cleaned easily & Ive had terracotta look ceramic tiles that hid absolutely evry sin except if you chipped them as they where grey on the inside, they didnt chip easily though... I am planning porcelain tiles in my next house that are coloured all the way thru & mimic the look of travertine. I reaaly love the black stained timber myself but for hiding the mess of general living terracotta is by far the best thing Ive had!!!! Hope I didn't bore everyone to tears !!!

  8. Thanks ladies for all the helpful tips. My floorscapes have been very limited, and how else would I know these things without your expertise? Sadly I'm one of the biggest (self-confessed) indecisive people. It will take me a while to choose one but I'll keep you gals in the loop.

  9. love the terra cotta tile-not used much up here but it should be-so warm and earthy! Also the painted tile is pure genius :)

  10. I really like the black flooring. We have white cupboards with black counters and appliances. if I could talk hubby into it...I'd also have black wood floors. We have tiles right now, but I'm not real happy with the look.
    Thank you for stopping by.

  11. You could always get a bargain on wood flooring. As long as the plank sizes match, get the ugliest (cheapest) color. Then have them painted with an adorable pattern and gorgeous neutral colors :) I loved your line about unleashing your inner design start...good for you! Your blog is a sign that I'm sure your well on your way!!

  12. I would really like wide plank old barn wood but with a pickled finish. No one seems to offer that finish any more...

  13. Pickled finish was like a whitish color wood...Like an even whitewashed look almost. You could get the the tint to be more bluish gray if you wanted to.


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