Monday, July 26, 2010

Longing for the shore..

It is on days like this where I am trapped indoors in an air-conditioned house, hiding from the blazing sun and sweltering heat, that I wish I could open my backdoor to let in the ocean breeze.

Calgon take me away...

Photos are courtesy of Coastal Living


  1. I know what you mean:)
    I love all of the places that you show!

    Thank you commenting on my blog:) Glad I found you so I can be a follower...


  2. I love these images! I hear you ~ it has been so hot and humid for so long here, we have had the central air going non stop. It's making me long for Autumn. I love crisp air and leaves on the ground! xo

  3. Beautiful pictures! Hahah, love the calgon reference. I used it recently once and it's amazing all the folks who haven't ever heard of it. :)

    Stay cool!

  4. I would be happy in any one of these places you have just shared :)

  5. Coastal living is a journey every time you open the mag! I completely get your choice of escape and the images are perfection :)

  6. Room 3, 4 and 5 please. On second thought any of them.


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